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2008 - Tierce
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Hamptons Wine 2010

The Hamptons is the summer playground of the rich and famous from New York City. Known for its beaches, fancy restaurants, and mansions it is probably one of the last places that most people would think of as a farming community or even more so, a wine production region. But if one travels to the Hamptons at harvest time they will find the Montauk Highway dotted with farm stands sporting pumpkins, squash, orchard fruit, and stone fruits, not to mention vegetables and tubers. Potted mums of red, orange, purple, and white enliven the colors of the fall foliage and drying stalks of corn in the fields. Stores advertize fresh cider, live flowers, local cheeses, and other products of the region’s farm bounty.

Less well known is the region’s wine and grape production. Nestled among the cleared vegetable fields one also finds vineyards. The Hamptons is one of the New York State approved AVA (American Viticultural Areas) and the smallest in terms of wine production. While the better known North Fork of Long Island currently sports more than forty wineries the South Fork has only three. These Hamptons winemakers are distinctive, disparate in approach to winemaking, and epitomize three very different ideas about the wine business. Each represents larger trends apparent in other regions. As such, the region can be seen as something of a microcosm for New York State Wines in general.